This I Believe

jacqueline - Woodside, New York
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: environment

This I Believe

The current trend of scrambling for ways to save the Earth from the effects of Global Warming. I believe this has not been caused by us flying to destinations all over the world, using hairspray, refrigerators or driving our huge automobiles.

I believe humans must remember that there was a time our Earth was one entire Ice Cap, not limited to the poles, our earth was a scalding land uninhabitable by humans or much else. Our Earth was covered by the oceans. What caused these cycles or changes or destructions as they may have been classed if humans were around then. Certainly not emissions from gas controlled engines nor hairspray.

Our mother earth is still here, and going strong. She will do her thing and continue to thrive and adapt. I believe we are not the blame for Global Warming. Our mother earth is doing what she does best, it’s called Evolution. It is just unfortunate for us, the humans who are around to experience this and worry about how it will effect us, and fight and try our hardest to stop it.

It cannot be done, our Mother earth will continue, and see many other species of animals and mammals live and nurture upon her lands and in her waters as she has done through thousands of similar cycles and millions of years.

We are no more able to stop this evolution as we would have been able to stop the Ice Age.