This I Believe

Chad - Slinger, Wisconsin
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that being involved in sports enhances my learning. Sports have impacted my life dramatically for many reasons. Sports have made me become a better person.

Participating in sports has increased my sense of discipline in my classes therefore, I can block out other obstructions that get in my way of learning. I can also focus and listen to what the teacher is saying better. Being in sports also helped me with my stamina. When it comes to the end of the day and people start to get tired I am still ready to learn. Another benefit of being involved in sports is that it helps me to strive to keep my grades up. I have been tested many times before with my grades and sports. One specific example is one night I had soccer practice and I had to study for a test that I had the next day. Since I can’t sit still for a very long time I had a hard time studying. So I started to study immediately after school, then I came home from practice and studied some more. I could concentrate better because I ran off some of my energy at practice and received an A+ on the test the next day.

Being in sports has also helped me to be more organized and neat. Right after I come home from school I do my homework. This allows me to have more fun at practices because I don’t have to worry about doing my homework later. Now that I am in a routine of doing my homework first it reduces the chance of me forgetting to do something later and getting an F on it.

That is why I believe that being in sports enhances my chance of learning more. Sports help me become mentally and physically prepared for school. Mentally because I have become more disciplined and positively behaved. Physically prepared because I will not be tired or slouchy at the end of the day , because of tiredness in that class so I will get higher grades.