This I Believe

Dave - Pembroke Pines, Florida
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe that Greed Drives Us All

War, betrayal, murder, what leads us to commit these crimes against humanity; is it just human nature or is there something more to it. I believe that it is our innate greed that leads to dark acts.

Greed can make us go against our better judgment and do things that can not only ruin our own life but the lives of all those around us. I was a first hand witness to one of these acts of excessive greed. My uncle was the victim and his best friend was the perpetrator, the person he trusted most turned around and stabbed him in the back because of a greedy notion in his heart. Together they owned a film developing studio until my uncle’s friend decided to go behind him and take full control of the studio. This occurred over a decade ago and I was very young but I can still remember the day it happened and seeing my uncle devastated. He was left with no one to support his family and with no trust left for anyone. But despite all these hardships he was able to become very successful now but still does not trust anyone when it comes to his business and his family. This event affected my entire family including myself and it opened up my eyes to the darkness of the world.

Greed can manifest itself on large scale events as well that can touch the lives of millions. The war that our nation is currently involved in is a result in some part to greed. Politicians want to say that it is for the protection of the nation and the free world but underneath all that there is oil in Iraq and with that oil brings money. In order for this country to obtain that oil we must win this war and that is why thousands of soldiers are being sent to a country they know nothing about and are leaving behind their families to die for what they believe in their hearts; even if the people sending them have a different agenda in theirs.

I believe that money and personal possessions have become the top priority in this world. Instead of love and friends people want fancy cars and SUVs that lead to global warming; which by the way is an affect of global greed and selfishness. Being too lazy to recycle and not wanting to spend money on alternative fuels have led to global warming which will eventually lead to the end of this plant. We need to stop wanting more and start enjoying what we have. Greed can lead to the destruction of friendships, marriages, families, nations, and even the world.

Everyone is selfish and greedy to some degree but it depends on the person to control themselves and learn what it should take for them to stay happy. True happiness is not found from money and materialism but from love of one another. Until this lesson is learned by everyone the world is doomed to be a victim of its own greed.