This I Believe

Sandy - Lorain, Ohio
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A Great Loser

I believe that more than half of our happiness comes from others’ suffering. Do not tell me that you never make fun of someone or laugh at someone who is feeling embarrassed. Most embarrassing moments are always funnier than a comedic movie or a comic story. The more a person has an embarrassing moment, the more excited audiences get. One of the reasons that I think losers exist in the world is because they can prove to the people that there is someone else worse than they are. Actually, losers are great. Even though they lost a competition, personally it is the worst to them. On the other hand, the rest of the competitors gained a feeling of accomplishment. They are better than someone else in the world and they can console themselves through a loser.

An example from a couple of years ago is William Hung. I believe everyone has at least heard his name. His ridiculous performance of “She Bangs” was viewed by lot of people. Everyone must laugh at his performance. He is not only a big joke from American Idol, but also in the United States and the whole world. Although he lost in that competition, he has received as much attention as anyone else in the competition. He was a loser in that competition, but he had success in the whole world market. After appearing on American Idol, he released an album and made a movie. Every time he sings, people laugh at him, which does not mean they can sing better than he does, but they italics they could sing better; they are outstanding by competing with a loser. William Hung unquestionably is the best example of a great loser. He is a loser but he brought happiness to everyone who thinks they are great after they watched his performance.

Every time you experience being a loser, do not feel dreadful. That is not necessary because you did a great job. People will think they were lucky that they were not you–a loser. The world becomes more gorgeous because of the existence of a loser. Whenever you are laughing at a loser, it does not mean you have more ability than that individual. On the contrary, you might be worse than a loser. Before you become a loser, you at least have to accept the challenge. I believe not all the people have the courage to accept a challenge when there is a risk of becoming a loser. When you are a loser, tell yourself that you are a great loser.