This I Believe

Mohamed - Gambia
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: work


You asked what I believe.

Yes, like a tree to a forest, I belong to a family, namely the Kanu-Barrie family in Gbendembu, northern Sierra Leone.

My father was born to a family on the margins of poverty. He worked very hard and travelled to many places, gathering a lot of experience some of which he shared with me when I grew up. I listened to him with rapt attention. He did not like me to go to even our closest relatives to supplement my food needs. He managed to clothe me and to provide my other needs. He was able to send me to school and to push me to hurry to school daily. He also taught me the Quran at home because he wanted me to be good boy and to follow in his footsteps of being very pious. He had a lot of people under his care. And now that I have a few people under my care I believe he must have been a magician to be able to cater to their needs.But he was no magician, only a hardworker.

I listened to his advice and plodding and was able to cruise through school and entered the University of Sierra Leone.I graduated with a BA General degree and did apostgraduate diploma in Education which effectively makes a teacher. Today my father is no more alive. He died a few months before my leaving university.

in my job as a teacher and as family man, I am guided by the life and values of my father.

I BELIEVE IN HARDWORK. I go to school everyday and on time and invest a 100 % dedication to my duties and responsibilities which surprises everyone that knows me. Some feel that I shouldn’t,given my miserly salary. Though teaching is nolonger a glamourous profession especially in Africa,I put in every muscle, sinew and atom of my energy to achieve set-targets. I always hope that one day I will reap the reward for my diligence. THIS I BELIEVE.