This I Believe

Daniel - 03060, New Hampshire
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

This I believe: I can do anything. I’m a veritable Superman. Able to run faster than a speeding child and leap tall chairs in a single bound. As a great man once said, “If there was a problem, yo- I’ll solve it.” Those are my sentiments, exactly.

However, this is not always how I felt. Growing up, I was never the best at anything. I was good at school, but my brother was smarter. I was a decent football player, but the other kids were stronger and faster. Even in social situations, I was lacking. Sure I had a lot of friends that were girls, but I was the only one of the guys who hadn’t had a girlfriend. It seemed that I could never really achieve anything great- I’d always be mediocre.

As a result, I never really tried hard- I never put my heart into anything. “Someone else will just be better than you.” I’d tell myself. “What’s the point?” I kept this attitude for four years or so- which is nearly an eternity when you consider that that’s more than a fifth of my total life so far. I kept that attitude, until I met her. The greatest girl in the entire world. Now, I know what you’re thinking- all teenagers think that of their boyfriends or girlfriends. But I’m serious. This girl turned my life around.

She told me that I could be the best. I didn’t believe her. She told me that if I only tried, maybe I could achieve more than just “average”. So I tried it out. I went from a B- student straight to an A to A+ student. I was really surprised to see my first A+ on my report card. “See?” she said, “Toldja!”

I decided to apply myself to other areas, too. I love to draw, and I’ve always wanted to share my work with other people, but I’ve always been too afraid to put it out there. I finally got my act together and put up a website- which now draws a couple thousand readers a month! I even became more ambitious towards my goals for the future. I really want to be a doctor, but I never thought that I would have the stamina or willpower to make it through all the schooling. Now? I’m determined! That’s what I’ll be! If I want it, all I have to do is reach out and take it! I don’t care who or what gets in my way.

So now I stand before you, a believer, a changed man. I’ve realized that it really doesn’t matter if I’m the very best. As long as I try, I can honestly say that I am, for once, proud of myself. I can hold my head high, a veritable Superman, with a genuine Wonder Woman at my side.