This I Believe

Reim - sterling heights, Michigan
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that America is becoming worse everyday. America is a great country and I have a high appreciation for being born and raised here. However, there’s a number of problems that lead me to think that America is becoming worse everyday.

What I believe starts off with the simple use of a microwave. A home is not complete without a microwave, but this appliance should be taken out of every home or office in America. People find a microwave to be very useful. Especially when you want to cook a fast and tasty meal. However, what seems to be fast and tasty is the quick way to obesity. Obesity is sadly a common and popular word in America today. My point is, the microwave has increased the production of microwaveable foods and microwaveable foods is rarely healthy. People in America should consider more home cooked meals rather than the fast microwaveable meals. If you compare home-made fettuccine to out of the box and frozen fettuccine , the home-made fettuccine would be healthier. If its home-made, your aware of what your putting in the meal and how much of it you are, but frozen foods can always be a mystery. If Americans are less dependant on technology, like the microwave, our people would be far more healthier. The less frozen foods we have the more healthier people will be. Unhealthy foods is part of what causes obesity. Obesity is a mental illness, but the microwaveable foods makes it easier to add to the mental illness. Being overweight in America is common, but also leads to depression. It leads to depression because over weight people can’t fit what Americans consider the “American Dream.”

Many Americans have always tried to fit in with what they consider the “American Dream.” In the 1950s the American Dream was a stay-at-home wife, a hard-working husband, with the number of two children. Our American Dream now seems too materialistic. Too fit the dream you would have to have a high paying job, pricey cars and homes, with name brand clothing to go with it. Not to mention your lean and perfectly sculpted body. This dream adds unnecessary pressure on thousands of people. Not having all the goods money can provide you leads many Americans through depression. There are daily situations with kids being bullied because they don’t fit in with what’s suppose to be the right fitting. Such as, driving a beat up car, being fat, or not having a “cool” logo on your t-shirt. After all these bad situations what’s suppose to be a “dream” turns into a bad nightmare. Appearance should not be a big part of what the American Dream is.

Americans also forget the importance of human morals. Such as being faithful to what you choose your religion to be or being smart when it comes to growing up. Everyone wants to grow up quickly. Young teenagers get involved with many “adult” experiences. Like having sex, smoking, going to bars, or drinking alcohol. There are wrong and right times to experience certain things. Having sex at a young age causes many sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancy. More and more teenage girls request abortions everyday. Young adults who choose to drink may also choose to drink and drive. Which can cause an innocent life. Not only teenagers can make these mistakes, but a high rate of them go through this every day. Having morals and following them can decrease many issues America has today. Mentioning the 50s again, girls waited until after marriage to be sexually active. Having sex after marriage is a very common moral back than, but not so common now. Morals help you keep yourself in line, just like a goal. When you have a goal you want to achieve, you always keep that goal in mind and it becomes more important to achieve it. Having morals is the same idea.

You turn your television on and as you flip through the channels you can’t help but hear another news reporter saying, “ And in Iraq today 17 American soldiers have died fighting for America.” Americans have gotten use to hearing a bad statistic everyday. Getting use to a situation like war should not be an option. Our war on terror has gotten out of hand and is tearing America and Iraq apart. There are other problems in the United States that should be taken care of, rather than the situation in Iraq. Our American government gets involved with situations that shouldn’t be dealt with. After the tragedy in 9/11 our troops were sent out to Iraq. Many documentaries such as, Fahrenheit 9/11, has well organized facts showing how Iraq has no involvements with 9/11. This gives me no reason to defend the war. It only makes me defend the fact that the U.S. government is doing nothing but wasting lives and money. All the money put into the war can be used on low income schools, or Hurricane Katrina. Although there is money being put into these problems, there should be more attention towards what’s in America than in Iraq.

One last problem that has me thinking America gets worse everyday is the news channels on the television or the radio. I’m a big fan of watching the news, such as CNN. In the past few months CNN has shown more about Anna Nicole Smith and Brittany Spears than what really matters, like the 2008 election. American television has a large number of entertainment channels like, MTV or VH1. When Smith or Spears appears on a channel like CNN it scares me a bit. Hollywood issues and World issues should be separated at all times. Drama in Hollywood is a form of gossip. What goes on in Hollywood won’t bring back our American soldiers, upgrade our schools, or give us important information on taxes, or presidential elections. Hearing about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s divorce everyday won’t educate me about who I should vote for next year. Seeing useless people like Anna Nicole and Spears on CNN or MSNBC is proof to me that America is changing for the worse.

Problems in America aren’t easy to deal with. However, there are problems that can change easily. Some may take time and high preparation, but it’s the matter of working together and actually attempting to solve the issues. Anything in America is possible. Americans should make what seems to be impossible, possible.