This I Believe

Tom - keller, Texas
Entered on March 27, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I Believe In Convertibles

In a ragtop every trip is a party. I find my self taking the long way there and the long way home. An ordinary run to the grocery store or the dry-cleaner becomes a happy voyage through the breezes and the sunshine that Captain Jack Sparrow could have appreciated. I can imagine him saying “You know what a convertible is, a convertible is freedom.” Freedom from the ordinary, regular transport that places you inside your automobile. Its no wonder that SUV drivers are escaping their confinement by talking on their cell phones. One of the happy coincidences of having the top down is that it renders cell phones unusable. Some say it is noisy with the world streaming by your windshield, I say, turn up your music.

In a convertible everyone is younger and better looking. At any of the places where people of different generations cross paths, i am quickly identified as a middle age guy. But in the convertible however, i draw glances and comments from young men and women both. Sometimes you can see them calculating when they will be able to get their own top-down ride. I hope it is soon. In fact, when i am asked to advise my graduating students i tell them three things:

Find work you like.

Be slow to anger and quick to laugh

And last, get a convertible.