This I Believe

Kimberly - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get. It’s really not just a saying that made Forrest Gump so popular, I believe it to be the truth.

If life wasn’t a box of chocolates, we’d be plain and boring, there would be no excitement or thrill in waking up, no special caramel or cherry fillings in the day. Sometimes, it is scary to think that you never know if you’ll end up waking up in the morning or that when you say goodbye, it could actually mean forever. On any given day, you could be opening your box of chocolates one last time and there won’t even be a warning. It’s all a part of life and I believe that we should try and accept as soon as possible when we do, life would be a lot more enjoyable.

Taking lessons from a fictional character like Forrest may seem naive, after all it is just a movie and Forrest isn’t real, he’s just Tom Hanks, but if I could live my life like Forrest, I would. He did whatever he felt like and he went where the wind blew him; his “chocolate box” had a very large variety. I realize that neglecting to do my homework assignments so I can “relax” isn’t okay, but being so caught up in petty everyday drama isn’t the way to live. I’m convinced that being mad at someone and holding a grudge takes years off your life. No matter how many times Jenny took Forrest for granted, he was always forgiving and never stopped caring. Letting go of insignificant problems will probably make life seem a whole lot shorter and pleasurable.

Every morning when we wake up, we never know exactly how our day will unfold, even if you tactically plan your itinerary. I’ve tried to beat this “system” so many times by planning my day out to the very last minute, remembering not to forget even the littlest things, but naturally it will never work out. There is no way of predicting the wet puddle outside of your front door, no one plans on having to go back inside to change their wet pants. It seems to me that the more I try and design a way to spend my day, the less likely it is to actually work in my advantage. Life throws curve balls that we could never predict.

Yes, I do believe we do get to make choices in life, but not everything is based on fate. I think for some things we pick our own paths but then little things that we never expected are tossed into the mix. For example, I knew one day I’d grow up, go to college and then go into law for sure, it was my plan since 4th grade. But then I flip flopped with different options, at one point I was an aspiring actress/singer, and I came up with a decision that I didn‘t see coming, I wanted to be a nurse. I still plan on sticking with my plan, I grew up, I’m going to go to college, but my 4th grade self would have never thought I’d intend to be a nurse.

I suppose that each day, each month, each year is random and is meant to stay that way. I believe that it’s better this way, even if the uncertainties of life make me queasy and sometimes I‘d rather be told my future than living on the edge of my seat. Each day is a box of chocolates, who’s to tell what we’re going to get.