This I Believe

Ronnie - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I began to question the religious and political foundations of our society in my teenage years; I grouped both together on the belief that both wanted to dominate over you, and solicited your cooperation to promote their activism over others. I witnessed emotional reactions of both when someone dared challenge their foundation. I did not feel like I could voice thoughts that were contrary to my elders, thinking they would be defensive at best. I consigned myself to just watch and listen.

I questioned the concept of blind faith, after all why do I have a brain? The quantity of differing religious histories is paled by mans attempt to relate the past. Most religious people I encountered stated their faith was the true and the only religion that mattered!? Violence associated with God made no sense to me; how can anyone accept violence in the name of God? “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.” God has no need of violence, neither do we. However, how do we deal with the likes of Hitler and other brutes with anything other than force?

I have trouble accepting that there is such a thing an altruistic politician; they all have their own agenda and ego to satisfy. Many use the fear and ignorance of some people within the population to gain favor in supporting the waging of war or criminal execution. Voting for someone who looks nice, is charismatic, is associated with your religion or ethnic clan, and careful to tell you what you want to hear are not good reasons to gain your confidence and vote. I prefer to seek out solid evidence, as in verbal and written history, and how that person manages challenges. In my mind, mud slinging politicians have tarnished themselves by concentrating on their opponents purported failings in place of using the podium to demonstrate their own strength.

I have vacillated over the years considering many religions, as an agnostic, a deist, and finally concluding I do not have enough evidence to accept or deny God. I tend to lean on the concept that God must exist; how else can we rationalize the magnitude of our physical, psychic, and spiritual existence? Comparing the metaphor of scientist tending to correlate extra terrestrial life with life as we know it; God is beyond understanding, and I would feel presumptuous to state “I know who God is.” I try my best to respect the belief system of others and look for the same in return, can we disagree without being disagreeable?