This I Believe

Erica - IRVING, Texas
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

If there is anybody in the world that I can trust, besides my mom, it is my big brother, Daniel, and my little brother, Raul. Sure, Daniel is our step- brother and people say he is a criminal, but we were raised as siblings, so we don’t say we are step- siblings. Why do I trust Daniel? I trust him because he usually supports me, when I am feeling melancholy or feeling cheerful. Whenever I feel down he was there by my side. One time there was no sunshine outside, but he made it the best day ever. It was rainy and muddy outside, but we went outside and played basketball anyway. He taught me to be satisfied with whatever life had to give me. Daniel has an ability to keep the three brothers inseparable. He would open the curtains and let the sun shine in our room and he would also put on some really loud music: it was never quite at home with him in there. Before he got sent away, everyday was the best! He would take care of me and Raul, my little brother. He was like a dad to me. He is also the reason I love Los Angeles Lakers, especially Kobe Bryant. I would always watch the games with him.

On the other hand, he does misbehave sometimes he makes noises in class and the teachers call to complain about him. Two years ago, he started skipping school, and my mom would call his dad, who would tell her, “Daniel skipped school today and got into a fight.” One time after he came to visit from his father’s house, I saw a bag of weed tucked in his hat. A lot of people say he is a criminal, because he used to get in a lot of fights, use drugs, and is in a State School, which is like a jail. And him being there taught me to be mature about things, and taught me to appreciate what I have. He is coming home next year, and I hope he will be the same brother he was before he went away.

Raul is a good little brother, I think he is the best little brother, he isn’t as annoying as the other little brothers; he is annoying but not as much. One time my friend, Cinthia, was taking advantage of her mom, and I was very hurt because I thought she was a good person I could rely on, but I was wrong. So I went to Raul for advice and he said, “Oh well, just forget her.” He made me feel comforted because he listened. He is a smart kid and I believe in him! The kids at school call him a nerd, and it hurts his feelings. After days when people made fun of him he would yell at me to turn off the radio, he couldn’t stand to see me happy, but I understood why he was acting that way towards me. I forgave him.

Of course like many families the three of us, would fight and argue, but we would get over it. We couldn’t say mad at each other. We would ride bikes together and get in trouble together. Everything we did, we did together. Friends think they know all about me, but they are very wrong; they don’t know me. That is why I call them “associates”. They don’t know how close my brothers and I are. We are closer that any other friend can be.

Even if the people say bad things about my brothers, they aren’t bad brothers; sure, they may misbehave sometimes, but I know they aren’t like that. They will treat you well if you treat them well. I believe in my brothers. I believe that if you give people a change to be themselves, then you will like them. Through thick and thin, my brothers and I have always been together. No one can break our bond! Go ahead, say what you want about them. No one can break the image that I have of them. I know who they are. I don’t need anyone to tell me who they are. And this is what I believe! I believe in my brothers, and I believe that they can do anything they put their minds to. This is what I believe.