This I Believe

Cal - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the infinite capacity of the universe. I believe that the expanse of creation of reality is a never ending sordid of explanation followed by more questions. The capacity of the human mind and heart can only take in so much before we are held back by ourselves and the way we conceive reality. We are fish trapped in a koi pond that are only able to see what is in the water, and capture a glimpse as to what is beyond the surface of the water.

I believe that no matter who is the creator, I still have the right to live and do as I please. No invisible deity is in the sky writing down every little bad thing I do. I don’t see the point, because why would he or she care? This is my life and I choose what to do with it.

I believe in the power of science to explain things around us. Science ends when the universe ends, and for that I’ll try to keep up in understanding the cutting edge of modern research. Will I live my life with the rules of science? I doubt it because I’ve always enjoyed answering only to myself. I know that even when you get down to the tiniest electron, one still must ask what created this little spark of energy. Who designed this? Who thought of the perfect system in which to create everything? Not an overzealous God I hope. The world is too beautiful to be created by such an angry character, such as the God depicted in the new and Old Testament.

I believe in logic and myself. Beyond that I choose to let the world reveal itself to me.