This I Believe

Nastassja - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone waited to have sex until marriage. Staying abstinent until marriage would solve many problems that society deals with today.

Many people hold great importance to sex in a relationship. They believe that it is only a sign of affection and that it helps the relationship grow. These people don’t even comprehend how great their life would be if they waited.

If people waited to have sex until marriage, there would be no more unhealthy relationships. People would not be compared to other “partners” because other sex partners wouldn’t exist. No one would be used physically, and it would teach couples to respect and love each other for their inside before exploring their outside. It would also reduce heartbreak, since many people get over-emotionally attached when they are sexual with the person they “love”. Sex is usually confused with love and many people regret their first time. This can leave them emotionally scarred from the experience, which will affect their future interactions and relations with other people. Along with all of this, divorce rate would be much lower due to happy, healthy, and loving relationships.

Nowadays, if a woman gets pregnant and wants to get out of the situation, she can simply abort her baby. Many times, women are left alone to deal with pregnancy since they are not married, or because the pregnancy was an “accident”.

Staying abstinent until marriage could also solve the problem of abortion. There would be no teenage pregnancies or rapes. People would actually take on the responsibility of being parents if they were married. Also, there would be less unwanted children and foster homes since there would be happy families.

In a nation where it’s more common to have couples living together instead of getting married, it is not surprising to see the number of partners and promiscuity in our society rise throughout the years.

If everyone waited to have sex until marriage, STDs would no longer be a problem. There would no promiscuous activity. Music would change drastically and no woman would ever be degraded in song lyrics or music videos ever again. If premarital sex never existed, the world would be such a great place and sex could finally be correlated with love and family.

This is why I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone waited to have sex until marriage.