This I Believe

Emily - Sterling Heights, Michigan Albania
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

I Believe

I believe that everyone should stay a child as long as they can. The innocence of a child is something I wish everyone could hold onto forever. As I have grown up, I have realized that children simply have the purest hearts and souls. I find myself envious of the days when it was all right to color outside of the lines, play pretend with your best friend, and when the boys still had cooties. It’s obvious that these days pass for everyone, but you can still carry with you the life lesson effortlessly learned at this young age.

The first thing most kids learn in these early years is forgiveness. When you are a child you are taught that when you do something wrong you say sorr, and when you are on the receiving end of it, “I forgive you” is the response. Then the fight or offense is put behind you and you carry on like nothing ever happened. As we grow older, the phrases, “I’m sorry” and “ I forgive you” are lost. Pride and Ego are replaced instead. Holding a grudge and bickering over meaningless things becomes a daily routine. The sincerity of apologies and forgiveness become dismissed in a society were it’s just not good enough.

The highlight of every elementary aged student is recess. Those 15 minutes allowed daily of freedom and exercise. Exercise? Back then it was called fun. Some time in the midst of growing up, it becomes no longer fun, but instead a chore. The days of running, swimming and biking just for fun are forgotten. Going to the gym becomes a hassle. We are just too busy to be bothered with such a task.

Childhood innocence is something most people wish they could take with them, as they grow older. I long for the days when Santa was alive and the magic he brought with him was real. I miss the long afternoons spent playing make believe and the imagination had no limits. The days when a kiss and a hug made everything all right; no problem went unfixed. I want the day’s back when having a time out was the worst of my worries. Lost are they days when everyone was a friend with everyone, back before appearance, race, sex, and social status influenced your opinion on a person.

If I have learned one lesson in life, it would to do as the children do. The sensitivity, wit, and attitude of a child are traits that I wish people never grew out of. I believe that everyone is still a child on the inside, and every once and a while, we should take a second, and listen.