This I Believe

Lisa - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I Believe in Imagination

Fantasy, dreams, inventions, and creativity are all vital parts of imagination. All of the entertainment we have today wouldn’t exist without imagination. Childhood is where imagination begins and where it should be nurtured and cultivated. The way one expresses his or her imagination helps to decide the kind of person he or she will be. I believe in imagination.

When we are young, parents encourage us to play by ourselves. This may be because our parents just want time for themselves or because our parents want us to be creative and use our imaginations. Regardless, in doing this we learn to expand our minds and explore many possibilities. Character starts to build at around the age of three; character is greatly affected by how creative or imaginative one is. Having a good imagination is important to one’s life because it is a big part of personality, which obviously defines who you are.

Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell all have something in common; they’ve all invented something wonderful. This wouldn’t have been possible without the power of imagination. Inventions are an important part of our world today. Society wouldn’t be able to move forward without new inventions, which is why imagination is so important to our society. Being that these men were all quite creative and invented useful things, some may say that they were well rounded people. Would it be safe to say that imaginative beings are well rounded? It all depends on how you look at it.

There are many different kinds of people in this world, from preps to goths to geeks; everyone is his or her own person. The way one expresses his or herself is all affected by creativity. The more creative one is the more that person feels the need to show off their creativeness. Unfortunately we have many murderers walking around our streets. Some kill traditionally with a quick shot to the head or by strangling their victim. Others however have creative minds that possess them to kill in horrific ways. An example of that would be pouring acid on someone’s body then cutting the rest of them up with a chainsaw. These murderers clearly have a different type of imagination than that of Bill Gates, but they are still creative just in a not so well rounded way. So does that conclude that using your imagination makes you weird or evil? Again it is hard to say. Being creative can be looked at in many ways.

Using your imagination broadens the mind. Being creative and open to new possibilities may lead to a successful life, or at least happiness. One way adults envy children is the fact that they can be so imaginative. I believe in the power of imagination, do you?