This I Believe

Chantalle - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that high school never truly ends. Anyone who told you life changes after high school clearly lied to you. If you think about it, you deal with high school drama, situations, and people everyday. One would think people would mature and grow out of typical high school stereotypes but this is definitely not the case.

Unnecessary drama is a common characteristic of high school. Although everyone looks forward to this chapter of their life ending with the conclusion of high school, this is one stage of life that never ends. Everyone will always concern themselves with business they have no room being involved in. Gossip and rumors never end; there will constantly be some floating around. People never get tired of asking who-slept-with-who drama, who’s-pregnant-with-whose-baby, who-just-went-to-jail, and other questions about other people’s personal lives.

Situations dealt with in high school are similar to situations dealt with the rest of your life. Betrayal and heartbreak will always be evident in life. There will be love triangles and the boyfriend you dated for two months and are “in love” with will cheat.

Somehow you learn from the situation and move on. You will also never avoid the fact that life isn’t fair. You can turn in a paper you spent all night slaving over and the person who did it the hour before class gets a better grade. Or maybe you try out for a sports team and are better than most but don’t make it because of the “politics” of the game. This doesn’t change once you get into the real world full of politics and backstabbing in order to move up the corporate ladder.

The types of people you find in school, you will find in the adult world as well. You feel as if you never really meet someone new because you’ve met someone very comparable in high school. There will always be the popular, gorgeous girl who every guy wants and somehow gets everything handed to her. That “nerd” who spends all his time studying, playing video games, and is a true genius will be the same, except now he’ll be rich and actually get girls. Mom really meant it when she said, “Be nice to the nerds, they’ll be your boss someday.”

Everything I learned about life, I learned from high school. It’s prepared me for what the rest of my life will be.