This I Believe

Steven - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I believe that technology changes us.

I believe we are all affected, to some extent, by technology. It is constantly changing and improving in all fields of study.

Even in my own life technology has advanced in so many different ways. Computers have been made small enough to be put into homes and even made portable. Cell phones have come to fruition. Even transportation has changed so much.

I remember using record players, transistor radios, and even an abacus when I was younger. Now we have calculators that fit in you pocket, radios that work off of satellites, and even compact disks which are used for both storing of data and music. You used to have to have a little bit of skill to know how to tune a radio, but now all you have to do is press a button to get the desired station. No longer do you have to do math by hand you can just graph it out on your calculator.

You no longer have to have a record player to listen to music you can just carry around you iPod or portable mp3 player to listen to all of you music.

It is said to say that not many people nowadays ride bikes or walk to go somewhere. Their first instinct is to get behind the wheel and drive even if its only 2 blocks away. This does us as human beings a great disservice because we then don’t get the exercise and movement that we need to stay healthy. Also with all the technology we have we tend to stay inside more. This is doing ourselves a disservice because we don’t give our immune systems a chance to build immunities to all the disease and bacteria in the world. We are then also sheltered from the fresh air and forced to breath the filtered clean air that your house creates.

Despite all of the problems and hazards that some technology does to us the benefits are still very great. We now have to spend less time trying to do math due to the calculator. Communication has sped up due to the invention of the computer, with instant messenger, and the cell phone. Music was made more portable thanks to compact disks and iPods. At the end of the day even with all the disservice we do ourselves by constantly using the technology we still have learned so much and that learning potential is still growing.