This I Believe

Matthew - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When you have arrived on vacation and walk into your hotel, there is a man following you with a heavy load. Do you hold the door open for him or leave him to fend for himself? After all, you don’t know him. I believe in karma (the idea that something done will either be rewarded or punished). Through recent events that have taken place and because of so many abnormalities in our society I have developed the simple belief that karma is a drive of nature. There must be some truths behind the idea of karma that proves what comes around goes around.

When somebody is to cheat, whether it’s in a sporting event or on a test, there is no real development that takes place. By doing the hard work you are learning or making yourself a better athlete. When an athlete cheats by taking an unapproved enhancer or by skipping out on exercising he/she is not only hurting themselves, but the rest or their team and their peers as well.

In my recent experience I have witnessed a large number of athletes using steroids to make them appear larger. This is a great idea if you are only to go for looks, but when the athlete is playing their sport they have made themselves more susceptible to injuries. There is also a lack of actual strength being developed. All the muscle fibers have in truth been weakened by the admittance of unhealthy toxins into your body. Karma will catch up to the athlete in the long run.

To pass a test a student is required to study and have the knowledge of a subject in their memory. When a student hasn’t learned the materials it is only fair that they are to fail a test and those who studied hard and learned are to pass. In my opinion this is a quite obtainable idea. But there are people who are not able to get by on their own and those people can’t possibly know anything other than how to rely on others. Because of karma, I believe that every person will receive what he or she deserves over a period of time. By relying on others the cheaters will never by able to do anything for themselves and when they are out of school a job will become difficult to obtain.

Karma is a large part of life. By completing even the simplest of good deeds such as holding a door open for a random stranger, you can open the door to a lifetime of well-being. After all you never know whom that person could be walking right behind you.