This I Believe

Lydia - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: 65+

A peace lily in front of my living room window is as important to my faith as the sun rising in the East behind it. The sun makes it continue to grow, bloom and joyfully punctuate the room’s decor.

With its dense network of verdant leaves stretching toward day’s first light in tandem with nature’s designed distribution of equally awesome ivory-colored blossoms, the peace lily speaks to me.

And as I give the out-size clay pot its tiny morning turn, my faith grows. I know that the slight turn keeps the plant balanced. The sun is powerful. Not turning my remarkable plant will cause it to lean too far in one direction.

So it is with faith. Life’s inevitable twists and turns keep me balanced. Without them I might forget the power of God and feel that tomorrow is promised. But life is about today, and as I look at the rich cluster of green and marvel at the unfettered peace lily’s long flowering stems, I can hear Robert Browning: “Morning’s at 7:00; all’s right with the world.”