This I Believe

Harold - Bristow, Virginia
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I am writing this in response to hearing the “This I Believe” statement by Bill Noonan on this date. He is a scientist and, and his statement of belief resonates strongly with me.

I am a scientist and I believe in God.

I believe God is Love. Love is also a transitive verb. Love seeks an “other” with which to share. God created the universe to know and love Him. But true love is a gift freely given and therefore requires free will. God could have created puppets that would “love” Him, but that would be no more real for Him than it would be for us. Free will requires that God relinquish some measure of control over His creation, so He built free will into the structure of the universe. Quantum mechanics says the outcome of events on the smallest, and ultimately the largest, scales is probabilistic and not predetermined. Einstein said God did not play dice—I think He (or, His creation) does. God created the universe, but He did not predetermine exactly the nature of the universe, how we came into existence, what we look like, whether we are beset by hurricanes or viruses, or whether we do good or evil. But we have grown into (evolved, if you will) some ability and the desire to know His creation and seek after Him. Most of all, we have grown into the ability to love. In this most important sense, we are made in His image. We are influenced by His love to know and love Him as best we can and to share our love with our fellow man. We are an expression of God’s creation reaching out to its Creator. In this incomprehensibly vast universe, we (meaning, humans) are probably just one of many expressions of that reaching out. And I believe that He has reached out to His creation at many points in space and time—not to control, but to let us know He is there and He loves. And, haltingly and imperfectly, we respond.