This I Believe

Jessica - sterling heights, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that even though parents may think that keeping their daughter from dating or going out with their friends may keep them safe, some of them may end up with mental side effects or react in unsuspecting ways. Some daughters usually rebel, some develop a shy character, and a few might feel untrustworthy and try hard to gain their parents’ trust. In my case, I have become slightly afraid of other people and have also developed a creepy and weird personality.

Rebellion comes natural to many teenagers, but young girls deprived of human interaction go against their parents and hang out with friends or boyfriend anyways, sneaking out of their windows or waiting till their parents are asleep, occasionally leaving their parents screaming at them to come back, possibly even threatening them. While out, many young females drink, smoke, or have sexual interactions. Usually, they’ll feel guilty at first, but after a while, they won’t give a care in the world. Other daughters rebel by not doing their chores or what they are asked of. While not as strong as the first, both of these rebellions lead to fights and arguments within families.

The non-rebelling type daughters follow their parents’ rules and stay home. Because they are unused to talking to people outside of school, they become shy. Sometimes, they become embarrassed about not being allowed to do much of anything, so they try to avoid their friends or make up lame excuses as to why they can’t go. Through my experience, I learned that joining school activities gave me a pass to going out, although limited, gaining friends with the same interests. Since then, my parents have become a little lenient, and let me go out as long as I have more than a friend or 2 along side me.

Many teenagers feel empty if their parents don’t seem to trust them or believe in them. Parents may be looking for their daughter’s safety, but what the daughter sees is someone, that they look up to, doesn’t trust them and that puts them down. They go to any circumstances to gain the trust, eventually losing hope and going against their parents’ wishes, losing their trust, and rebelling. Most of the time, those that start to rebel lie to their parents about going to school or a friend’s house to work on a project, then they work their way up to just not caring.

Parents worrying about their daughter’s safety should watch for signs of mental changes. Signs showing are rebellion, extreme shyness, and the loss of trust.