This I Believe

Merissa - Sterling Hts. MI, Michigan
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

Religion is a huge priority in people’s lives. In my life I believe in being

Agnostic. Agnostic is a person who holds the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and

the essential nature of things unknown and unknowable, or the belief human knowledge

is limited to experience. So basically it’s a borderline between belief and disbelief. My

main belief is that “If there was no God it would be necessary to create him.”-Friedrich

Nietzshe. I was raised with religion in my house with my dad being a preacher’s son. So

it is not as if I didn’t read about religion and wasn’t preached to.

Most people believe that if you were not exposed to God then you don’t

understand. My grandparents feel sympathy on those people because they feel as if they

have missed out. If I tell them my reasoning I would be looked down upon.

I work in a hospital so patients are constantly praying and bringing up God. I go

along with them even though the thought of God stresses me out. Just the thought brings

up all these questions. I will tell them stories and preach what I have learned. I do this

because I see God as hope. When people pray and talk to him it makes me think positive

thoughts. I pray also when I am having troubles. It gives me something to look forward to

even though I believe the outcome will be based upon fate. I believe there is always

going to be an outcome on the choices you make. You can not go back and change them

so I look on the positive side and say that what ever happens was meant to be. Because

one choice you make will alter your whole life.

I believe that if there was only one interpretation of religion I would be more

likely to believe. All religions have altered Jesus’ life story. If he was real how do I know

which one was correct? Also I don’t believe in the bible. I use it as a reference but if

there was a God, how do I know that, if one man wrote it down, he didn’t misunderstand

God? There are so many questions and there is no evidence whatsoever to answer them.

As a result, I just don’t believe. I have just decided that when I die I will find out if there

is an after life and if there is a God.