This I Believe

Eric - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Entered on March 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My belief lies with a wise mind. It takes a wise mind to be willing instead of willful. It takes a wise mind to be able to be effective and to discourage judgment. It takes a wise mind to be empathetic and put myself “in their shoes”. It takes a wise mind to understand that all emotions are valid whether it may be sadness or joy. It takes a wise mind to understand there is a right time and place to be able to effectively use communication. These are my beliefs and they make up whom I am.

Over the past year and a half, I have worked hard at making these ideas a way of life. I always wanted to live life the way I currently do and always had some of these beliefs, however, I could not identify them.

I have learned all these fantastic insights about enjoying my life even to the slightest moment and validating that I am from a kind and outgoing man, Neal. Neal did not create these concepts, in fact he has shown me several texts where these ideologies started surfacing, however, he has made a bigger impact in my life by patiently sharing these thoughts with me, helping me construct an effective way of thinking, as well as caring about my life.

When I first met Neal, the chaotic stress defined my life. It was an extremely confusing time: my parents were recently divorced, my ex-girlfriend’s mom was not respectful to me as a person, and I was having a hard time trying to figure out where I belonged. Together with Neal’s assistance, stopped much of my self-judgment, together we helped me start to recognize little things in life, and validate myself. I am able to empathize with other people and get a better idea where they are coming from by truly listening to what they have to say and notice the way they say it, rather than get caught up in my head and my own thoughts all the time.

I believe I will make a wonderful life for myself. I believe that I have accomplished many great things. I am proud of all the art I do and the dozen CDs I have written music for. I am proud of my mom and my brother who have been the best family I could have ever asked for. I am proud of my friends Billy, Jason, and Paul, whom I have known for years. I am proud of new people who have recently entered my life and made a great impact such as Betsy, my new girlfriend, and friends Dan and Joe. I am proud of the way I am able to help other people and possibly make an impact on their life. I am glad I take the time to take all this in and that I reflect on someone I missed out on for a long time, myself.