This I Believe

David - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe That Physical Fitness is the Foundation for a Good Life

I believe that physical fitness is the foundation for a good life. Unfortunately, this belief has diminished over the years in America, as our country is infamous for having an embarrassing epidemic: obesity. This epidemic largely exists due to a lack of will power, self-discipline, and self-respect by Americans; important attributes that getting into shape creates. I believe that practicing a form of physical fitness builds character and can help in become a unique individual.

There are several different forms of physical fitness that can be practiced; running, participating in an organized sport, or lifting weights. While I have found it to be fun and rewarding to participate in many activities, I have dedicated myself to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a sport that incorporates cardiovascular, and of course, weight training. Bodybuilding appeals to me because you are rewarded for what you put into it, and you are competing against your biggest enemy-yourself.

Like many people, I once felt that it was too hard to start doing something to get into shape; however, I have found this to not be true. I was the fat kid a school that everyone made fun of. Despite the desire to change my physical appearance and lose weight, I thought it would be too difficult and I would not be able to change. One day, a friend got mad at me and called me a, “whale,” and told me to go home. I left crying and when I got home, I began lifting weights and running. I could barely lift the bar and couldn’t even run a half-mile, but I decided that I would try to stick with exercising. As time passed, my fitness level increased, and I found that I loved being active.

Years later, I reflect on my experiences with bodybuilding and I realize that it has been the most productive and rewarding thing I have ever done. One of the most rewarding feelings in to look at old pictures to see how far you have progressed. I went from a kid who could not run half a mile in seventh grade to running a 10k race, the Turkey Trot, last November. My body has transformed from a large 150lbs 5’2” kid in seventh grade to a 170lbs 5’9” bodybuilder. Most importantly, my body is not the only thing that has developed by being active; it has improved my dedication, discipline, confidence, and self worth in every aspect of my life.

I do believe that a good life can begin with physical fitness. If you truly believe in yourself and work hard, then anything is possible. It was once said that, “What the mind believes, the body achieves.” I think this statement is true for anyone, you simply must believe in it.