This I Believe

Kevin - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

There is an issue that came out of nowhere at first, but now is one main topic of debate. I believe it’s safe to say, that gay rights petitions from the past sparked the gay marriage issue we face today. The question I present – in defense of gay marriage – is who really cares and what difference does it really make to others? As to every story, there are two and maybe even more sides to examine before reaching a final decision. First, I’m going to the reasons why gay marriage shouldn’t have a large impact on society and in politics.

In America, we have a wide range of freedoms, so why can’t gay couples, or even homosexuals in general, enjoy the full extent of those same rights? I’m not talking about public displays of rights being taken, but the general attitude of society limiting their moves and destroying their feelings. In reality, on a local level there should be no concern to others around gay couples or homosexuals considering you barely even notice sometimes if someone happens to be gay. Also, on a local level, there would be little or no attention paid to that particular fact of an individual, they’re still human, remember.

I personally believe that as long as you love the person you’re with, it’s considered matrimony nonetheless. The Catholic Church specifically outlines the detail that homosexuals cannot engage in holy matrimony (marriage) because of the reproduction factor. I of course, disagree with this thought, I think God judges on love itself in all its purity and innocence, not by what sex that love is achieved by. Since no one can prove what God considers right, we need to look strictly at best judgment and good faith in choosing the best route of happiness for the general majority of individuals, not to mention the singling out of homosexuals and the uncomfortable feeling that produces towards them.

A perfect example of how we discriminate against homosexuals and their partners is the fact that straight couples that marry get married for the wrong reasons sometimes or just don’t have any natural love to being with. If a gay couple has that love then why would we try to say that their love doesn’t mean the same when it actually probably means more than most people in marriages right now have toward each other? The divorce rate today amongst couples in America alone has gone up through the roof because of these false loves people present towards their partners.

Another example of this is insurance benefits being passed onto a spouse in most occasions, by the company the other partner works for. In some states, since gay marriage doesn’t exist as legal marriage, their partners don’t receive the same benefits, a clear sign of discriminatory action by the local and/or state governments. So we almost wonder, which is more important, being legally married or being placed under holy matrimony for the remainder of the couples lives? These two battles will last forever until a final verdict in the federal government is reached.

All said and done, I believe in gay marriage counting both legally and religiously. If we continue to treat each other like we do animals then we will become that very thing that the victims of discrimination feel, see and fear. This issue goes much deeper than just marriage; it encompasses social acceptance, tolerance, humanity, favoritism and much more. “Mans inhumanity to man,” my grandfather, Paul Caruso Sr., said, “will be the ultimate downfall of humanity altogether.”