This I Believe

Katie - Ft Wright, Kentucky
Entered on March 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

I believe in being sick. Yes, I enjoy vomiting, sore throats, and migraines; theoretically that is. Thriving on being on the go non-stop, not many things have the power to put our over-scheduled lives to a screeching halt. Sometimes, the only way our bodies can tell us to slow down is to create a nasty virus to make us sick. This, I believe.

Sickness strips us of all other worries, bringing us back down to ground level. Instead of having a million things to worry about, we are given the chance to only worry about one thing: recovering.

My memories of being sick are filled with strong aromas. I can remember the smell of the humidifier when I had a cold. Remembering the taste of certain medicines, I can identify them with certain sicknesses. I know the distinct smell of the certain blankets I use when I am sick. I recall living on Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Even though it’s a little watery, it always seemed to make me feel better.

Nothing can beat the strength of a mother’s love and care. I can count on my mom to drop whatever she is doing to nurse me back to health. When she lays her familiar hand on my forehead, I think my temperature magically goes back to normal. Always knowing how to help every ache and pain in my body, she seems to know countless tricks that a doctor can’t teach. When I was little she seemed like a magical medicine woman. My mom has always been determined to get us to the doctors if that’s what was demanded, no matter if there was snow, sleet, or tornado, getting us there at the perfect time.

Being sick provides us with quality reflection time. I am not talking about mild reflections on the past week; I am talking about deep contemplating. When one is sick the individual world stops spinning while the rest of the world breezes right on past. This moment in time provides a chance to step outside one’s busy life and look into it with a calmer and more rational perspective. When I was sick once, I, myself, realized that I was not spending enough time with my family. Actually being at home for more than two hours at a time reminded me of how cool my family is.

Sickness brings about appreciation. It isn’t until we are sick when we realize how precious our health is. As my mom says to us when we are complaining, “When this is all over with, you will appreciate your health that much more and actually take the vitamins that I give you!” Upon recovery, I feel as if I am starting out on a new slate at “Ground Zero,” refreshed and so much more ready to wake up in the morning than I had to begin with. We could all use a little bit of strep or the flu from time to time. This, I believe.