This I Believe

Randy - USA
Entered on March 25, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I want to tell you about my best friend, to protect her privacy, I will call her Danni. She and her spirit have shaped my life more than any other experience I have endured.

Danni was married mid teen. For over 20 years, she worked, raised her 3 children and endured a bad marriage. She stayed because she didn’t want to put her kids through, what she had suffered. Her mother had married multiple times and it had scarred her deeply.

Finally after moving to the area and finding job opportunities slim, she went back to school. She went to college full time. By now, she was in her late 30’s. This was in addition to raising three pre teens, working full time and doing most of the work on a ranch. Somehow she managed to complete her education in the normal amount of time. At graduation, she was alone. No one came. Her husband traveled with his work and when he was home was usually drunk and mean.

She started her career in nursing working at a hospital locally. She worked a lot of overtime. She volunteered at a local fire department too. Eventually she took a second job

at a local private ambulance to stay away from home even more. The kids were older now and her mother lived nearby. In spite of her childhood, Danni loved her mother, and they were very close.

Unfortunately the owner of the ambulance company was the sort who preyed on vulnerable women. His affairs were legendary and had gotten him fired and banned from most jobs in the area. He soon took advantage of Danni and what ever did really happen, he spread the tale far and wide that she did what he wanted, anytime he wanted. You see, I forgot to mention that Danni is a very beautiful woman.

Danni lost a lot of respect in people’s eyes because of the affair. For over 20 years, she wanted to divorce but never felt as if she could do that to her children. Now for once, she felt wanted and beautiful and young again.

The business and the affair began to unravel. Danni, losing all hope tried to kill herself. The method she used was sure to be lethal. But Danni lived. When she was released from the hospital she called her husband to pick her up, he refused, saying he was too busy. Eventually the business closed. Danni tried to heal. She changed jobs to hide what had happened.

During this time, an amazing thing happened. She never stopped smiling or trying.

When all her troubles piled up on her, when things were at their worse, Danni kicked her kindness into overdrive and went out of her way to be kinder to her patients and friends.

When alone, she broke down I am sure, but she is legendary for her warm smile and kind words, even in the worst of time.

She makes me, want to be a better person.