This I Believe

linda - cf39 9ab, United Kingdom
Entered on March 25, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

i beleive that Nature is the fundamental law that we should adhere 2. It is the only thing that brings us 2 our knees. god & goddess is goverened by it and would agree with is in our nature 2 try & reckon with it,this is what sends us on flights of fanatsy thinking we(humans) can reign it in,capture its secrets…we cant,its a futile pursuit…Nature teaches us everything,it is us,we are it…techonology is another step in our nature to b at 1 with is ineffable and i beleive that it it a never ending patterneous relationship.Nature doesnt deal with emotions it is a true n honest animal. i also beleive that it is a force with its own motivation 1 that we as baby’s can’t even comprehend yet the simplicity of our situaiton.Nature is a simple pattern we r the 1’s which make it complicated.evolution is what makes us what we are and i beleive it is what makes us what we are 2 b come.we have no say in it…i beleive that we should not try 2 plan it just leave it up 2 our beautiful planet. b full of light and understanding of the dark…tread lightly and have a weightless heart 4 all shall b as it should b…….