This I Believe

Elyssa - Oak Park, California
Entered on March 24, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe life is like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” at Disneyland.

When we start out, it is peaceful and serene and we marvel at all the wondrous things around us. We experience it almost as a spectator not noticing the lack of anything. We are filled with utter amazement at all the possibilities and beauty around us.

When we hit our first bump in the road and enter the middle of the ride, it is filled with twists and turns and surprises around every corner. We go winding and turning down the road with things jumping out at us along the way. Sometimes it feels that we made it through the last twist by the skin of our teeth as the doors close behind us. It is at those moments we either view the ride as exciting and laugh, welcoming the next twist and turn or we view it as scary and close our eyes and pray for it to end. We are on the ride, moving down the same twists and turns either way. We can view it all with fear and frustration that we are not where we want to be; thinking that the true joy was in the moments of peace and wonderment in the past. We can spend the entire time on the ride in fear of what is ahead and wanting to get to the end of the ride and hope we reach a blissful place again. Or, we can live in the present moment the way we did in the beginning, enjoying the surprises along the way viewing it all with anticipation of what is next. If we are secure knowing it will one day all come together at the end with a blissful conclusion, even though the conclusion may be short lived at the end of the ride, we will find it was not the conclusion which has defined our life, it was the journey and experiences along the way.

This I believe. It is our choice at every moment to enjoy the journey along the way in life. We can chose to have faith that it is all the way it is suppose to be, excited about the possibility of what is ahead, regardless of the door that just closed behind us. If we choose to close our eyes and pray that it ends, the blissful conclusion of life, like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,” will be over before we know it and we will have missed all the excitement along the way. It is there for us to experience with our eyes open or closed. It, life, is happening all around us. The world will spin in the exact same way regardless of how we chose to see it. The choice of how to experience it is ours.