This I Believe

Michael - Kearney, Missouri
Entered on March 24, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: community


I believe in humanity.

We are capable of so much.

We have so much potential.

We have the potential for and the history of great evil.

Our history is one of prejudice, exclusion, torture, and violence.

We are guilty of genocide, murder, oppression and so much cruelty

that it beggars the imagination.

We lie, cheat, abuse, hurt, and hate.

We are suspicious of difference and deny responsibility for our evil.

Our full capacity for evil has yet to be measured.

And yet our history also testifies to our potential and capacity for great good.

Created by Love to love we can and do even to the point of death.

We have: freed the oppressed,

healed the sick,

fed the hungry,

found the lost,

redeemed the guilty

forgiven all who ask.

Our full capacity for good has not yet been measured either.

I am incurably optimistic about our ability to transcend our selves and

fulfill our potential.

Here and there along the way holy men and women have emerged

to show us the way

Jesus Buddha St. Francis Mahatma Gandhi Martin Luther King Jr.

They are our guides, the glimpse and example of our innate goodness.

They and the saints of all Faiths beckon us

call to us

encourage us

plead with us

pray for us

to lose ourselves in Love.

Created in the image of Love;

filled with the Spirit of that same Love;

I believe that we have only to remember our origin

And we will fulfill our potential for good.