This I Believe

Kaitlin - Peachtree City, Georgia
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

I believe that if you are confident then you will have a better life. The more and more I go on in life I realize that if you are confident you can do anything you want to do and you normally have a really good life. I first realized this when my new years resolution was to be more confident and it was making my life better. Of course there are still bad things that happen in my life but ever since January the 1st 2006 I have felt like I am becoming a better person everyday. Whenever I see a guy that I am attracted to I don’t hold back, I think “confidence” in my head and guys love that I am like that. Confidence has also taught me to think positive instead of negative. For example when I got a 70 on a test I complained at first but then thought to myself well at least it is a passing grade. When I am in new situations where I don’t know anyone, I now go up to them and introduce myself even if I am scared. To some people this might sound so easy to be confident all the time but it isn’t, you have to work very hard for something that you want. I wanted confidence and I got it. Although sometimes people can take my confidence in the wrong way and they might think that I am being snobby but I’m not, or they might be intimidated to talk to me because I’m so confident. Then there are the majority of the people who say I love how you are so outgoing and confident and loud. I’m not saying that before New Years I was really shy or anything, I’m just saying that I wasn’t letting my fullest personality shine. But now I am and I love it. Also for all the job hunters out there you can’t get a job if you aren’t confident because the person who is hiring defiantly doesn’t like people like that. So be confident, live life to fullest, and I know I said that I believe that if you are confident then you will have a better life but first you have to believe in yourself before you can believe in something else.