This I Believe

Kimberly - Kent, Washington
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In Nature

I believe in many things but the thing that I believe in most is that we should take care of nature, including all of its creatures. When I was three, I started to love animals. They have unique ways, such as protection from predators and camouflage to blend into their surroundings. I love that animals are different from each other. Snails have antennas and flies have thousands of eyes. I knew that I could never catch one. I’ve always had a strong connection to animals.

Secondly, everyone should recycle paper because animals lose fewer trees that way, which provide habitat for them. We should also recycle plastic because if we put it in a landfill it would take longer to decompose.

Third, animals should be left alone, not preyed upon or killed on purpose, for clothing. Some faux fur coats are actually from real animals. Instead, we should give animals a hand when they’re in trouble. We could fence in an area only for animals, such as state parks. When I went on a class field trip to a Seattle park, I saw a huge area with trees for the elephants. We can be a good neighbor by protecting our environment.

In conclusion, if you were paying attention, you would already know that I love animals because they are unique. Even if you don’t like animals, you can always find a way to help them(and don’t poke your fish).