This I Believe

Brandon - Lincoln, Rhode Island
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: democracy

I believe

I believe you have the right to defend what you believe in

When you feel something is right

An’ you truly believe in it

You should have the right to defend it

If you truly love someone, defend that love

If you believe in someone, defend them

If you believe in your work, show it off

If you believe in god, then pray

If you believe in education, then learn

If you believe in aliens, then watch the sky

I personally believe in true love

If you truly love somebody you’d do anything for them

You would give anything just to make them happy

If it came down to it you’d give your life or your last dollar

You’d take on an army, just to keep them your own

You’d travel a million miles, just to see them

You’d give them your coat, if they were cold

If that person hurts you, you’d forgive them

Because no matter what

Through the good or bad

The thick or thin

In the end

The love you feel is eternal an’ everlasting