This I Believe

Harry - Watertown, Massachusetts
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

One person can make a difference. Most people I know, like my brother, would disagree with this and say how there is a total of six billon people in the world and for one person to make a difference is impossible, but its not. It’s like the telephone game, if one person does something, hopefully other people will catch on by seeing them do the activity.

One example of this is how we can fix greenhouse gas pollution. We already know how to fix it, the only problem is most of the world is still stuck on gas. What we need are more individual people to buy hybrid cars, florescent light bulbs and other products like those so they can inspire other people to buy them too.

A second example is the Holocaust. When Hitler took over, nobody stood up to him to say he was wrong. They just let him walk all over Germany and take control of many other countries like France and Norway. If one person stood up in the early 1930’s and argued they would have set a mood that would enable others to fight too. Though there was one person who did make a difference during the Holocaust, Oskar Schindler. Schindler was a business man trying to run a factory. Unfortunately for him there weren’t enough workers to run his factory. Most of the people he would have hired were Jews but they had been taken away. Since he desperately needed the Jews he decided to bribe the Nazis with money. The Nazis took the bribe and Schindler got hundreds of Jews to work in his factory thus saving them. This is an example of one man making a difference.

A third example is our new governor, Deval Patrick. He grew up in the south side of Chicago, a really poor neighborhood, with his mother, sister and grandmother. Deval’s father was mostly absent, pursuing a music career. Even without a dad they managed to make an okay living. School was also pretty rough for him too. He went to an inner city school where there were a lot of drugs and violence. Despite all the drugs and violence Deval did great in school. One of his middle school teachers saw great potential in him and recommended him for a program called A Better Chance. A Better Chance is a program for kids in poverty who could succeed in better academic settings. So Deval was shipped from Chicago to Milton Academy, leaving his mother, grandmother, sister and poverty behind. He had a very positive experience at Milton, working and studying hard. To earn money he had a paper route. After Milton, he went on to college then on his way to becoming Governor. This also shows that one person can make a difference. If his middle school teacher never recommended Patrick for A Better Chance he probably would have never gone to Milton and become Governor.

Everybody can make a difference even if it’s as tiny as changing a regular bulb to a florescent one, voicing disagreement, or noticing potential in another, This, I believe.