This I Believe

Jamie - WInchester, Massachusetts
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that professional athletes are paid too much. Look at David Beckham. After he signed a contract worth $250,000,000 over five years, he is the highest paid player in sports. I can think of much better things that could use the money. How about AIDS, world hunger, and cancer? These things would put that $250,000,000 to much better use than David Beckham.

Another bad part of professional athletes being paid too much is that it affects children’s morals. All children would like to be rich people when they grow up. One way to get this money is by becoming a sports star. However, this can have some terrible affects on kids’ morals. One moral that is affected is the child’s priorities. If a child wants to become a high paid professional athlete in the NBA or NFL or whatever, they will put that sport before everything else. This includes school. Look at Calvin Johnson, a wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals. When Johnson was in high school, he skipped class and got bad grades. Because of this, he was unable to attend a Division 1 collage. However, at Santa Monica Collage, he put school first and football second. By doing this, Johnson was able to transfer to Oregon St., a Division 1 school. After setting a school record in receiving yards, he was selected in the second round of the NFL draft by Cincinnati. If Johnson had not put school first, he would have never played in the NFL.

Professional athletes waste lots of things. They waste money, by being overpaid and taking it away from good causes that really need it. And they waste childhoods, by not putting the things that really matter first. And they do not only waste their own childhood, they also waste the childhoods of the other people who want to play professional sports. However, this can be fixed. If athletes were paid only $100,000 per year, then the problem will be resolved. The extra money that was formerly used in the salaries can be donated to charity. And since all of the big money jobs would be intellectual, children would focus on school before sports. This I believe.