This I Believe

Felix - arlington, Massachusetts
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

The hardest part of any new idea is overcoming the support for old ideas. As humans we want to believe in new ideas. But as humans, change feels alien and discomforting. We all want to make things better but a lot of new ideas that might in the end help are alien and different. This means that no one is going to support any truly new idea you have.

This resistance to change is probably the hardest thing we will have to overcome in our lives. Many people make mean comments when they don’t like your idea or it seems alien. Ignoring these negative comments is hard but it will probably make your overall job much easier. Every year I have people tell me my ideas are bad, and I ignore them and attempt to implement my new ideas. People who tell you that your ideas suck are people who are afraid of change.

It is impossible to ignore everyone, however if you ever want to do anything in life, you have to learn to ignore some comments. Lets face it, words can hurt. But pushing through those comments and your reactions is what’s important.

Well everyone is human, right? So everyone wants to improve, but everyone also is a little afraid of the changes that come with improvement. Don’t forget that you need to take risks and try to change. Often times you can be one of the people telling yourself your ideas suck. You have to just go try and practice to get better at anything.

I know I have done this recently. I have never been the best at sports, but I am athletic and I like to play them. Just this year I am on the basketball team. Every day I go and there are people who tell me I am horrible. Despite this I have enjoyed it a lot this year and I am getting better. I have pushed past the negative comments and I am immensely enjoying playing. I know that although I may not be good now, and though those people may tell me I am bad, with practice I can get better and then I will succeed. I pushed past the problem by keeping what’s important in mind. I play to enjoy the game, not to win, and that has helped when those people say I am bad, because even if I am it doesn’t make a difference.

So remember words can hurt. And we all need to learn that and that people do and say mean things when a little scared. It certainly doesn’t help that most people don’t know when they are a little scared. If we remember all of this we can notice, check ourselves, and keep others comments in perspective in our future life.