This I Believe

Sarah - Winchester, Massachusetts
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I believe life is like gardening. This may seem like an odd statement but to me gardening is an exploration of how one spends their time. The roots reach into the past to gain knowledge from memories. The leaves move to find the sun to live just like the present involves a lot of thought and action. The pod acts is the future its seed the potentials that could be inside. A person can be affected greatly if they focus on one of these things.

People who obsess over the past never truly live in the present or make a future. By spending too much time thinking about the past one removes them from the present. People are often comforted by past memories of others and haunted by memories of their own actions. This inability to live in the present also affects one’s ability to think of and plan for the future.

People who live in the present act without thinking and refuse to learn from the past. Spending the majority of ones time fixated on the present allows one to make the same mistakes over and over again. These people often act without thinking on order to achieve immediate results.

People who only think of the future forget to remember the past and ignore the present. This is a naive way of thinking because it assumes that the future will arrive without the process of the present. In reality the future is a series of potential destinations that lead to new potentials. The past seems to be far from the future; however, the past is the foundation of the future. Those that only think of the future forget to learn from the past.

Like a plant people need their roots (past), leaves (present), and pod (future) to survive successfully. If people focus on only one of these things they cannot possibly lead a successful life. If one dwells on the past they will never be able to move on in life, however on the other hand if one lives for the future they will always be a dreamer and never be able to get their actions to get them there. Also if a person thinks only of the present they end up acting impulsively for immediate gratification and end up getting very little accomplished.