This I Believe

Linden - Nahsville, Tennessee
Entered on March 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in happy moments. I believe in moments that interrupt an average day, just to make me feel peaceful and adore living. I trust in moments that make me smile and laugh, no matter how quick they fade or how long it can hold on. A moment can be ten seconds or two hours, a moment can be something you forget about by the end of the day, but a moment is also just a sweet little piece of time, a time I enjoy life and feel at peace with the world. In 2007 I am still only sixteen years old, but I know I have always lived for these moments. I remember the brief joys and sudden moments of excitement clearly, and I know what I will remember and recite to myself when life starts to get even more confusing as I finish school and continue into adult life. I won’t look back on the time I got lost in the hallways of my familiar school, but I will remember seeing my classes artwork posted on the wall, mine included. I will recall a 3rd grade fire drill when I found a four leaf clover and tucked it in my pocket, never telling anyone the secret that I held. When I turned thirteen my daddy gave me a hug a kiss and a golden locket. Although broken today, it’s another happy moment; just a piece of time, telling me my life has a purpose. In these happy moments, I feel that life is worth living. There is a meaning of life and death, there is a reason everyone lives on this planet, and I believe everyone had a different answer to their purpose here. I am here for the simple, happy moments. Like picking a buttercup in my backyard, and listening to the radio on a sunny afternoon. My wonderful moments are teaching a child to tie his shoe or laughing with friends over an inside joke. Childish as these words may sound, I love my happy moments; I can see the meaning of my life in them. This I believe.