This I Believe

Ramy - Sterling Heights, Michigan
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe…

I Believe In Hard Work

“It is not so much what you believe in that matters, as the way in which you believe it and proceed to translate that belief into action.” This is a quote by Lin Yutang that I heard once from reading a book. I think that is the truth. You can say oh I believe in this, this, and this, but unless you actually take some action, you are not really believing in what you are saying. Personally, I believe in hard work because if you don’t do something hard, then you aren’t going to achieve anything in life or learn any new experiences and lessons. That is the main purpose in life. Without hard work, the world would be just a useless piece of waste.

The reason as to why I think that we all need to work hard to achieve something is because I’ve worked hard since I was almost nine years old. I have been helping out at my Uncle Gary’s store ever since I could remember. When me and my family came to America in 1997, we were lucky enough to have a lot of family willing to take us in and help us out. My Uncle Gary was one of them. Before we were to come to America, he had remodeled his whole basement and furnished it for us. We stayed for him for almost four months until we finally got our own apartment. We were very grateful and thankful for what he had done for us. So, when my Uncle Gary asked my mom if I would be able to come sometimes and help out at his store, me and my mom said yes with no exceptions. At first, it was really hard because I was in a new surrounding with a bunch of different people that I didn’t know and considered strangers. I had to take orders from them and follow those orders. It was all so new and weird! After a while, of course, I finally settled into the routine and learned more and more things. Even though I didn’t get paid and I only was there for like four hours every Saturday, I actually liked it. It was fun and I got to be around new and old customers every day and it was nice. You get used to something as time goes on.

When I first started helping out at the store it was very tough. Then, as time went by, I began to learn more and more things that helped shape me into the man I’ve become today. I learned how to do all sort of things and I honestly liked it. Some people always say that they wish they didn’t have to work and just sit home all day and get paid for it. When I think about this, I figure, if we didn’t work hard or do anything that will challenge us in our life, what is the point of living? We would just be dull, lazy people. Now where is the fun in that? This is what I believe.