This I Believe

Christopher - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Too many people today are on their death bed, regretting both things they have and have not done. They wish they had accomplished more exciting, more thrilling, more inspiring, more worth while affairs. To picture yourself in this position is almost torture, but at the same time it can be motivation. Do you want to regret nearly your whole life when you die? If not, then picture yourself having the motivation to live everyday as if it were your last, and living it to its fullest.

I don’t know anyone who would want to be old and crippled and wish that they had had a more enjoyable, more exciting, and more interesting life story. To realize that you have passed up extraordinary opportunities to explore the world would be an awful feeling. You would feel empty like an unfinished puzzle, or as if your life was resembled as a black and white photograph.

To regret something over the course of a day would be bad enough, but try to imagine regretting your entire life. No one wants to die feeling like their life was worthless. No one wants to die unsatisfied with their life. And no one wants to die wondering what their life would have or could have been like.

I don’t know anyone who would pass up the opportunity to live and die old with a list of goals, a list of goals that all have a check mark beside them. I know that I want to have a list of goals that not only have check marks beside them but also a sense of accomplishment and good memories along with them. I want to feel satisfied with my life. I want to feel like my life is a completed puzzle. And I want to have a colored photograph resembling my life. So don’t pass up thrilling opportunities, exciting adventures, or enjoyable experiences. And remember, live life to its fullest.