This I Believe

chantell - aurora, Illinois
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

This is what I believe to be the most important thing in the world to me and I live by these words. Honor my mother. It is a must that you respect her no matter what. Even if you feel in your heart that she is wrong it is a must that you respect her. I always tell my children that when you don’t have your mother you don’t have anyone. You might have your father, siblings, aunties/uncles and your friends. But none of them can take the place of your mother. You can go to her no matter what time of the day it is. You can call her and even if she is sleep she will wake up out of her sleep to have a talk with you at three in the morning. She know that there was a reason for you to call and she is going to her best to her you out and not even say I told you so. When your mother is no longer her or she puts you out and do not want to have anything else to do with you. You better believe that your life has just taken a turn for the worse. You are all alone in this great big empty world with out your mother. Your mother is always going to stand by your side whether you are right or wrong. Through good or bad, through your ups and downs she is right there. You can not count on anyone but you can always count on her. She is here to give you guidance to steer you in the right direction giving that motherly advice. You might feel that she do not know what she is talking about but trust me she does. She has been where you are trying to go. Sometimes your mother is going to let you fall on your face to show you that life is not ever going to be easy. Listen to the story that she tells you about how she grew up. How hard her life was. How they slept in the same bed or on the floor because Sam peed in the bed. She is not making it up. Things like that really happened. She is telling you the things that happened to her so maybe they will not happen to you.

So to all the children in the world, listen to your mother she is here to make your life a living hell. She is doing it out of love and she just wants you to be a productive person in this world. Remember mother knows best!