This I Believe

Joe - St. Joseph, Missouri
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has their own beliefs, they’re own views, and their own ways on how they live their lives. I believe that all people should be happy and have someone there for them whenever they need it. If someone is in a bad mood or they are sad, I always try to do my best to get their spirits up. Most of my friends always look towards me to provide them with a good laugh or make them smile. I do my best to make people happy because I know what its like to be in a bad mood and wanting someone to cheer me up. Whenever I see a person in a bad mood, something inside of me goes off and I have an urge to get that person in a better mood. Even if it’s out on the street, a person’s mood can be changed completely just by doing some simple kind gesture, like holding open the door for someone or smiling at them as you pass by. Sometimes being good to another person and being there for them can come back around in the future. I help people so that one day they can help me if I’m ever in need of it. Some refer to that as karma and that’s what I enjoy, knowing that if I help someone, at one point or another it will come back around to benefit me in a special way. Trying to make people happy also helps me to build up good relationships with others and shows them that I am there to help cheer them up whenever they are feeling sad or if they need someone to talk to in a troubling time. Sometimes there are situations that can’t be helped with trying to cheer someone up. In those times, the only thing I try to be is a comfort for someone if they want to talk to me about anything. Many people try to be nice and help others out to because it seems like the right thing to do, regardless of what comes out of it. Happiness in others can be brought out by simple actions like smiling at one another or helping one another. Once I had been walking through the halls of my school when I saw a student’s bag rip and his things went all over the floor. I decided that even though it would cause me to be late for class, I would help him. He and I became best friends after that happened. Happiness can be brought out by being yourself and who you are. I have found out that doing whatever feels natural to me tends to cheer others up around me and having sympathy for others has allow me to gain some great friendships. I believe being more considerate towards others would bring about happiness in others. So if being nice helps me to better myself, then I want to be on the right path and put a smile on the faces of all that I should come across.