This I Believe

Shane - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the planet is crying, writhing in pain, doubling up in fear….

When I was young, my father took me to Yosemite. I was in awe, dazzled by the miles of untouched land. It was in stark contrast to the cookie cutter houses that had been my forest that I ran through in Cincinnati. I could see the mountains in the clear distance, and feel the crisp breeze caress my face. I could tell as a young boy….. Nature was at peace here, everything was in its place. All week, we would camp under the stars, swim in the ponds and hike through the valleys, even climbing to the top of mountains to gaze at what the eagles would see. Finally we would sit down in the forest and ask nature it’s most secret questions, and she would gladly respond, with a whispering wind, a grazing dear, a rushing river.

I believe we are killing her, raping her. I walk outside and look at the houses that stretch on for infinity and look up at the blank sky. Shes gone, I can’t hear here whisper. All I hear is the hum of cars driving on the highway, cut though the living forest like an open wound, gaping.

Politicians deny it, they hate her whisper. When did they lose the ability to hear her, is it because they all grew up like me, in a land of subdivisions? How come I can still hear it?

I believe that were killing the fish, the animals, polluting the air. Can’t anyone hear her cry? I believe that we are cutting down the trees, ripping apart the mountains. Like a mother, she suffers the blows her own children deliver, tears running down her eyes bruises swelling on her face. Like a mother she won’t complain, she loves us, gave us food, water, shelter…….a place to call our own.

I believe the planet is dying……