This I Believe

Andreas - Peachtree city, Georgia
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in artificial substances broadening ones horizons. While experimenting with one of these I came to find self realizations and explanations of the world of which i live in. Many people think these substances just give you a high, but truthfully they open up doorways to a new world. One day i decided to experiement with one of these, as usual i took it and waited for the effects to set in. A baffled look came across my face as it set in, and i felt as if i knew exactly what i felt at the depths of my heart. I grabbed a pencil and words flowed from my hand, endlessly and effortlessly as scribbling a circle. As i wrote these words i was amazed, for i did not even know i was feeling these things at the time. Words flew in my mind, clashing and clammering against each other as i recollected all the feelings ive ever experienced. I laid on my bed, realizing that my life is truly something beautiful. Every second of my day, melodic and incredible without even having to say a single word. Worlds on my bed opened up as i slowly looked and dwelled in my past, erasing suffering and torment.