This I Believe

Brandy - Dallas, Texas
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

I believe in loving. I believe in loving, whether right or wrong. I believe in the knowing about love, the knowing something for certain, even though you have no way of actually proving that you know.

I believe in myself, in this life that I lead, this love I have had, and what it took to get me here. I believe that nothing I have done, nor will ever do, can ever be construed as waste, a waste of time, a waste of love. I believe that there are no mistakes in loving, no right or wrong moves, no pain too great, no damage too much, that can make the love not be worth it.

I believe that every person I have loved, I have touched. I believe that those people walked away with a part of me when they left. And I believe it is okay to let them keep it. I believe that part might make them happy, might make them smile.

I believe in looking back with fondness, with smiles. I believe that in the moment of remembrance, if I close my eyes real hard, maybe somewhere, somehow, they are remembering too.

I believe that my love is responsible for great things, great people, those people with that part of me, they have a greatness now that I am in some way responsible for.

I believe that in the end, we all come back to each other, in some fashion. I believe that long after the dance is over , with the partner we’ve chosen, when the music has stopped, the lights are dim, that sometime, someway, we meet again, and maybe have one more dance.

I believe that I have truly loved, whether reciprocated or not. And I believe that with that loving, I have made many things possible.