This I Believe

Ann - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on March 22, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

I believe in singing…any kind of singing: the loud rock, the soft ballads, the cheery and depressing, the classical, the punk and the rap. Singing releases emotions that people keep bottled up inside themselves and unites the singer(s) and /or listeners at some basic level of humanity. I do not believe that singing magically cures all the problems of the world, but it does make you feel more human. I remember sitting around the piano at my grandmother’s house while dinner was cooking. Everyone sang…my father, with his smooth sweet voice, and his brother whose loud, brash voice scratched out the tune along with everyone else. The song didn’t matter. The whole family sang along and it felt good just being together. As I got older, I attended a few concerts. Everyone in the audience sang along with the performers. Strangers connected, filled with the music. Some people didn’t know the right words and some couldn’t carry tune, but at that moment all the mattered was the song. Everyone has song…some people sing on stage – some only sing in the shower and some people sing loud and strong – some only in their head, but singing is an important part of what keeps us sane and whole…or so I believe.