This I Believe

Daniel - pine springs, Minnesota
Entered on March 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A Helping Hand

I believe that many little things can add up to a lot, and I always try to give help when someone needs a hand. If I can, I always try to take a little bit of my time to stop and help people in need. I think that a little help can make the world a better place.

Imagine a world where everybody helped each other. If I needed help, there would be a number of willing people right there waiting to help me. I believe a little help can go a long way. It can be the interesting story that I go home and tell my friends about. A lot of times, a helping hand is the thing that makes my day. I also think that it makes me a much better person.

I try to live my life by this belief, that a little helping hand can go a long way. One example of living this belief was the time that I stopped to help a car that had slid in a ditch. I was driving home from a friend’s house one snowy night and the roads were very slick. As I was rounding a turn I noticed a car had slid off the road and into a ditch. I decided the right thing to do was to stop and see if the people were okay. I carefully pulled to the side of the road, and then I stepped out of my car to inspect the scene. They said they were okay, but just couldn’t get the car back on the road. I decided that the right thing to do was to try to help them. As the driver hit the gas a few of the passengers and I pushed the car from behind. It was no use. After a few failed attempts and a bunch of cold hands, we gave up. Then, one of the boys received a phone call. It was one of their friends and they were on their way to help them. Once I knew that they would be getting out safely, I decided that I couldn’t be much help anymore. The boys thanked me for my effort as I stepped back into my car. They ended up getting out of the ditch just fine and I ended up feeling good about myself that I stopped to try to help them. Even though I didn’t actually get the car out of the ditch for them, I tried my best to pitch in and help them. That is one example of how a helping hand can do a lot.

Helping each other out is very much needed in this world today. I am left with a satisfied, happy feeling when I give a helping hand. When I am on the other side, and receive the help, I am left with a grateful, happy feeling. A little helping hand, I believe, can make the world a better place.