This I Believe

James - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on March 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in human beings. I believe in their potential; the good and the progress they are capable of. And the unwillingness to explore that potential frustrates me more than even incompetent physics teachers and a socially dry life. But I’m afraid we’re existing in a time when people are still using religion as a bases for the constructing of societies. Still Suppressing our own natural ‘unatural’ urges. But at the same time have no self control. Still in a time when we’re leaving it to the ignorant masses to elect leaders. In a time when people still have to have money to be treated in a hospital. In a time when people are so arrogant as to say that only one religion can be right. In a time when people still justify death with death. In a time when our own economic systems force others into theft and murder. In a time when people still use economic systems. In a time when the education system doesn’t educate, but decides how intellectual an individual is and from there brands the individual how far s/he is going in the cold hard world. In a time when the world is still cold and hard.

Politicians running the world like a popularity contest, Ignorance and intolerance still gripping the world like it always has, methods of conning the public out of much more than just money, and yet there is no effort for change. There is no significant attempt to hear all those those demanding voices.

I don’t propose any social plans or political reformations. I don’t expect many to agree or act on anything I’d have to say. I can only ask them to think and act for the good of everyone. That’s all anyone and every has to do. It’s as simple as opening the door, saying thank you, and actually thinking about what there is to be said. This is what I believe.