This I Believe

jennie - forest hills, New York
Entered on March 20, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: parenthood

I believe in motherhood. There is nothing more important in furthering stability, compassion and integrity than a mother. A mother is accepting of nothingness, laziness and of course absolute brilliance even if she is the only one that recognizes it in her child. That is the right of motherhood.

Only if you were somehow deprived of a mother do you realize the absolute privilege of having a mother. Mine died when I was three, with the only memory of her was kissing her goodbye in the casket. Of course it was the uncomfortable feeling around Mothers Day of having the entire class making Mothers Day Cards, ugh, excuse me what should I do?

I Thank God every day I have the opportunity to be the mother that I never had. I believe that a mother’s duty is never to make her children feel second class. A mother must always let her children see that she does believe in motherhood and in them no matter what they choose to do in life. I enjoy every minute that I have the opportunity to spend with them. I will drive my son the hour and half back to college instead of having him take N.J.Transit only because when your son is 18 you take the time to find the time. That hour drive of sharing tidbits about school and friends in my opinion are priceless. Taking the time to be a mother, time to love and time to take a breathe of life with my son is what I believe a mother should be.

Mothers can instill some awesome ideas in children it may not seem that mothers get through right away but their words have an effect and a definite influence. I believe in a mother intuition. If a mother thinks it and feels it, follow your instincts. I believe that my job as a mother is the most important calling I will ever have. Sure I make mistakes , sure I have experienced great joy and pride. Sure I have experienced failures and anger but I believe in the loving bond between mother and child that will always exist as long as there is life and breath.