This I Believe

Grace - Dallas, Texas
Entered on March 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that every choice we make impacts our life and that all things happen for a reason. No one person’s life is any bit easier than the next persons. I do understand, however, that we are burdened by such tragedies as death or illness but without such pain how else would we know what is wrong and how else would we learn. I believe in fate.

As Rita Mae Brown once said, “I still miss those I loved who are no longer with me but I find I am grateful for having loved them. The gratitude has finally conquered the loss.” When someone dies we are impacted greatly more than we could have ever guessed to begin with. We can’t help but thank those who have impacted us in such a way for they have taught us life long lessons, those in which we couldn’t quite learn on our own.

Last year my grandfather was to have a procedure in May. He was cleared for the procedure and wanted nothing but to be healthy again. A couple of weeks before the surgery was to take place my grandparents house caught on fire due to a match that was lit and carelessly thrown by a stray person. My grandfather put the fire out only to be struck by a heart attack. The heart attack came as a surprise but unexpectedly and amazingly saved his life. With the conditions that his heart was in, if he was to have had the procedure, there was a slim chance that he would have survived. I am fortunate to have not lost someone yet but I know that the day will soon come. It is situations like this in which I have learned to appreciate what I have, who I have, and anything to come in the future.

I believe mistakes are made only to learn from. The mistakes that we do make on our journey through adolescence are not mistakes in which we should regret. Yes, we all make mistakes, some greater than the others, but the mistakes that we make are based upon our maturity. I, like many others, have and are going to continue to make mistakes, misjudge, and underestimate a lot of situations but these are all building blocks that will lead me to my goal happiness.

I am here today with the knowledge that I have grown to learn. Life is full of obstacles, some burdens and others that are pure luck. I agree that sometimes the hardest things in life, which turn out to be the right thing, are best for us. I believe that life is present for a reason so everything that happens is for a reason. These life lessons have led me to the exact position that I am in today. I am content, nothing short of happy, and I have nothing but the world around me to thank for that.